How to Write a Green Resume

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Writing a green resume can prove to be essential for those who are looking to take full advantage of their green experience. Without one that is written properly, you will find that the chances of finding decent employment will become next to impossible. However, if you take a few moments to study this vital information, you will end up having some decent success in your job search. Keep in mind that your best chance at success will come when you combine this resume with a green degree.

One of the first things you need to do is understand that each job you've held in the past can be incorporated into this resume. During the time you are going through college, chances are you've worked in environmentally focused companies. Take the information you learned from these companies and have that information help you to secure your next job.

We also find that certain words will get employers to focus more on your resume. While many people will just state the facts, others will use power words that demand attention. Think about the experience you already have with the green industry. Perhaps you have green audit experience or even carbon trading. Knowing these terms and using them correctly on your green resume will impress hiring managers and help you to move forward in the hiring process.

This also means you take a moment to ensure you provide all the green courses, training and degrees that you have obtained. These will be a great way to reflect the formal training that you have and will give the prospective employer a deeper understanding of who you are.

Next, take the time to list groups and organizations you work with that have a focus on the environment. Even if you did nothing more than a college recycling program, you will still find that many employers will positively look on this as opposed to having no previous support shown for the environment.

You might even consider taking the time to become a member with clubs and affiliations that are known to be green. By doing this, you essentially create a green resume that people will be impressed by and will help you to secure the job of your dreams, without too much effort on your part.

Of course, while you are submitting your resume to these different companies, you will need to ensure you keep things green as well. This means that if you are going to submit in your resume, you submit them electronically. This will help to ensure you give off the essence of being devoted to the planet as well. If by chance you do have an employer who requires a hardcopy, be sure that you use only recycled paper. This will go over well with them in the end.

Whenever possible, also consider consulting with someone who works in the departments you are looking at in other green companies. See what they look for in a candidate's resume and then adjust yours to meet those specifications. This can help to further cement your success in this process as well.

Remember, your goal is to get hired and depending on the information you provide, that is a strong possibility. Just be sure you follow these important tips and make sure that at least on your digital files, you look like a person with a strong foundation in going green.