Redemption for BP? More Wind Farms Headed for Kansas

by Green Jobs Ready on October 6, 2011

Recent announcements from various green job industry related websites indicate that the wind energy subsidiary of BP has made public its long term plans to construct a wind farm across 66,000 acres in Kansas, which will provide significant amounts of green energy to the surrounding areas. In doing so, BP states, 500 transitional green construction jobs will be created, and—once the construction of the structure has been completed—30 permanent wind energy jobs will be established across the area that the wind farm inhabits.

The facility, which is to be known as the Flat Ridge 2 wind farm, will not only constitute various structures over 66,000 acres, but also four counties. The wind farm costs $800 million to build, and will be capable of producing an output totaling 419 megawatts.

According to, a website focusing on news pertaining to green construction, green jobs, and green businesses, the Flat Ridge 2 wind energy farm follows its serial predecessor, Flat Ridge 1, another similar facility based out of Barber County in Kansas.

According to the BP Wind Energy Chief Executive Officer, John Graham, the state of Kansas was chosen specifically for a number of reasons, including what is seen as the state’s “pro-wind business climate,” according to

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback recently commented on the effectiveness of tax credits in keeping businesses growing in the state.

“It really buys down the price of the wind power. It’s key for the state of Kansas if we want to continue to develop wind energy,” the Wichita Eagle quotes Brownback as saying. Although the costs and prices of wind are falling as the industry grows and technology improves, it’s not competitive yet.

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