Season’s Greetings from Green Jobs Ready

by Green Jobs Ready on December 25, 2010

As the holiday season culminates tonight, we here at Green Jobs Ready wanted to take the time to express our thanks for our dedicated readers, site users, and Facebook followers. As many of us gather with family and friends today to celebrate and give thanks for a variety of blessings, we’d like to show our appreciation for everyone working toward a greener world, whether they’re captains of innovation or by-and-large spectators who have decided that although their contributions of reducing, reusing, and recycling may be small, they are still very much worth contributing.

In a society that’s often focused on pre-existing systems, pushing to make progress in the technologies of tomorrow is often difficult. The famous Muppet character, Kermit the Frog, said it best: “It’s not easy being green.” But while it may not be effortless to bring new and necessary industries to not only the United States but internationally as well, it is absolutely essential to our future as a species that we address the growing impact of needlessly wasteful lifestyles and the world’s dwindling supply of fossil fuels.

Indeed, Green Jobs Ready, like all entities centering around green industries and the creation of green jobs—whether they’re a blog, like us, or a company that’s making headway in wind farms or churning out megawatts of solar power into the grid—is glad to make what contributions we can to the changing tides of our nation’s energy sources.

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