Solar Schools – Part Deux

by Green Jobs Ready on February 17, 2010


Solar school classes are being offered in the growing solar technology field. As the increase for alternative fuel sources is being pushed through government programs, solar school curriculum prepare students to become certified in different areas of the field. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the certification body, which offers exams in becoming Photovoltaic System Installer or Entry Level Knowledge certified.

Solar school funding includes scholarships, some of them 100%, yet this money has not been fully tapped and solar school classes are not completely full. Solar technology is expected to have 5 million jobs by 2012, but many of them will go unfilled unless more students change their focus to this growing occupational field. Whether it is architect, engineering, installing or system research and design, there is expected to be an insufficient number of trained and certified personnel.

Existing building and construction companies have started to send personnel to solar school in an effort to stay ahead of the game and gain the “green” building initiatives that are being undertaken across the United States and overseas. The governments do not want to wait for the next oil crisis to start initiatives in finding alternatives for energy.

Those that direct their efforts towards getting the education, knowledge, certifications and hands-on experience in the beginning efforts will be the most rewarded later on. By getting in solar school and staying with the ever-developing technology, job applicants will be highly sought after and highly indispensable.  Green collar jobs are expected to replace many of the lost “blue” collar jobs, and government budgeting is very aggressive towards this reality.

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