Solar Power Plays Major Role in Bangladesh

by Green Jobs Ready on April 13, 2011

According to journalist Sara Sidner writing for CNN, the country of Bangladesh is utilizing solar power on the micro and local level to address the fact that approximately half of its total population, which amounts to 162 million people, do not have access to any form of conventional electricity.

Sidner’s article highlights Grameen Shakti, an apparently non-profit solar firm established within Bangladesh that is currently introducing solar power into various communities, in addition to providing the opportunity for individuals to gain crucial training that will allow them to install and perform routine maintenance on these solar panels. According to Sidner, Grameen Shakti’s program will particularly attempt to assist women in this area.

“This kind of job will help the women and they will be able to contribute financially to their family. It will be good if this kind of job opportunity expands,” Trainee Monowara is quoted by Sidner as saying after finishing up the process of installing a solar panel on the roof of a neighbor’s house.

In light of the fact that the solar panels cost roughly half of an individual Bangladeshi’s wages per year on average, Grameen Shakti Senior Manager Fazley Rabbi and others have introduced a micro-credit program that allows community members to take advantage of all the benefits of solar power—including dramatically increased savings in the long run—while still preserving their financial solvency.

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