Solar Panel Systems that Work During Night

by Green Jobs Ready on January 3, 2010


The more about solar energy you learn, the more you understand about the necessity to leave behind classic fuels and switch to green energy. Constant research is carried on all around the world in order to discover new, highly effective methods of using solar energy. For example, the newest solar energy tidbit of information is very exciting: Russian scientists have managed to create a type of battery that is able to convert solar power and star power into electricity.

What makes this battery unique is that it functions 24/7. In addition, it can capture solar energy and star energy regardless the weather conditions, due to a revolutionary substance, a kind of hetero-electrolyte. The substance is a combination between an organic material (the carrier) and a certain quantity of metallic nano-particles. Scientists affirm that such substances can increase the efficiency of solar radiation conversion with up to 90%. Just to make a comparison, solar panels render 18-20% efficiency during the conversion process.

However, the technology is still experimental. It will take a few years until the product is fully developed and available for mass production. Until then, let’s try to adjust to the demands of green energy and make the most of useful solar energy information. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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