Solar Hot Water Panels

by Green Jobs Ready on December 28, 2009


Authorities have always supported alternative sources of energy, and if you are interested in purchasing solar hot water panels, you are making a great decision. Imagine having access to hot water at any time of the day, without paying a cent. Do you think it’s a trick? Not at all, with solar hot water panels. Unlike photovoltaic solar panels, the solar hot water panels are devices that capture the solar radiation and convert it into thermal energy.  Considering the fact that the entire solar spectrum is used for producing thermal energy, the working capacity is very high, about 60 to 75%, related to the insolation levels.

How solar hot water panels work?

Generally, solar hot water panels have a rectangular metallic frame, which contains all the other elements of the panel. Solar beams are captured by a glass surface and the heat is absorbed entirely. The solar hot water panels are so well isolated, that nothing is lost during the process.

  • The heat is kept within the solar hot water panels by the special glass surface.
  • The glass surface contains low levels of iron are very resistant during bad weather.

The absorbing element will transfer the heat to the thermal agent that flows through the copper/aluminum pipes. This way, hot water gets into the storage recipient or directly into your bath/kitchen. Solar hot water panels come with a good warranty, and producers say that they last for at least 20 years. Remember that choosing a solar hot water panel will dramatically reduce hot water expenses while providing you the advantage of having non-stop access to hot water for any needs.

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