Las Vegas Installs Solar Panels on Carports

by Green Jobs Ready on December 9, 2010

Numerous cities across the United States are taking action to implement alternative energy technologies that simultaneously bring a wealth of green jobs into their local communities, namely by supporting green industries. The city of Las Vegas, Nevada, has taken a particularly noteworthy step by choosing to install solar panels on top of prime real estate for energy generation—the roofs of carports.

Besides supplying solar power to the Stupak Community Center to which the carports are connected, the photovoltaic panels will also serve as serve as several charging stations for electric cars, reports journalist Alan Choate in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Choate also observed that funding for the project was obtained by the city from a particular stimulus bill grant provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, “which requires elements of a project to come from domestic sources.” Choate went on to articulate that although the initial costs of implementing the panels are somewhat pricey, they will ultimately save the city $28,000 in annual energy costs, and have a lifetime of roughly thirty years, or three decades.

The solar power carport panels are part of a broader plan on behalf of the city of Las Vegas to implement solar power in a number of ways. The city’s overall solar plan, according to Choate, calls for 1.8 megawatts of solar power—enough to power roughly 260 homes—to be generated at several facilities operated by the city. Choate also states that “the average U.S. residential customer used 11,040 kilowatt-hours in a year, according to the Department of Energy.”

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