Maryland Solar Installer Recruiting Green Collar Professionals to Keep Pace With Consumer Demand

by Green Jobs Ready on April 8, 2010

Astrum Solar of Annapolis Junction, MD is currently growing by leaps and bounds, “aggressively” recruiting green collar professionals and doubling its office and warehouse space to meet the demand among local homeowners and small businesses for sustainable, clean, alternative energy that will cost them less over the long term. In other words: solar panel energy systems.

The solar systems installer opened its doors in 2007 and currently serves residential and small commercial consumers in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. It has more than 75 employees, 40 of which were hired in the past year. Experiencing virtually unprecedented growth, the solar systems installer is in the market for even more qualified professionals to come on board. And no wonder: Astrum’s goal for this year is 500 installations.

“At a time when companies in many sectors are contracting or struggling to retain existing business, we are growing as a result of people’s desire to enjoy more sustainable, cost-effective and energy-independent lifestyles,” said Astrum Solar President Vadim Polikov, PhD. “Unlike general contractors, we employ specialized teams of engineers, project managers, sales consultants and installers to facilitate every aspect of a customer’s transition to solar power, resulting in our ongoing need for highly skilled professionals in a variety of disciplines.”

Furthermore, in a real-life illustration of how success breeds success, Astrum says it “will continue to add highly qualified professionals to its team as the ever-growing number of satisfied homeowners with reduced energy bills actively share their Astrum Solar experience with friends and neighbors.”

If they’re as good as they say they are, providing the kind of quality installation and customer service they appear to be, I can believe that they will easily meet their 500-installations-this-year goal. Because they’re right: people who feel as if they’ve made a smart choice ~ particularly if it’s a choice that somehow puts them ahead of the curve in someway ~ will tell other people about it, everyone from family and friends to neighbors and co-workers.

Additionally, if the choice they’ve made is perceived as being beneficial to the larger community (protecting the environment) as well as themselves (saving money), they get a double jolt of “feel good” every time they tell someone else about it.

These guys remind me of Saturn, back when it was really Saturn and not a GM product in Saturn’s clothing. My husband and I bought our first brand new car from Saturn in the late ‘90s for two reasons: Efficient, easy access design (my husband knows about that stuff) and exemplary customer service. For more than ten years, we were never disappointed in the service we got from Saturn, and there were occasions when they so over-delivered that we both went around telling people about it in glowing terms for months and years afterward. Then GM absorbed Saturn and made it just another GM product, and look where it is now.

Astrum reminds me of Saturn in its glory days. If its press is to be believed, and at the rate it’s expanding, that’s easy to do, it all comes back to over-delivering and customer service.

Seems to me that there are a lot of organizations out there in both the public (government) and private sectors that could take a lesson from this company.

After all, we all know there’s no better advertising in the world than a happy customer.

It’s worth noting, however, that the opposite is also true: nothing does an organization more damage than unhappy customers (even if you call them voters).

Your call, ladies and gentlemen.

See you on the green ~


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