Next: Biofuels for United States Military?

October 3, 2011

Extremely recent reports from the news service have indicated that alternative fuel sources such as biofuels and biodiesels may began to be made commercially available in a form viable for consumption by the United States military. The announcement comes issued from the United States Biotechnology Industry, which made its assessment as part of a [...]

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More Funding for Green Jobs Training in Illinois

September 30, 2011

Recent news reports out of Illinois have indicated that even more money is being allocated in the state to jumpstart several programs that train potential workers for green industries in the skills necessary to perform numerous green jobs. As Green Jobs Ready reported this week, a band of several community colleges throughout Illinois are partnering [...]

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Department of Labor Grant Funds Creation of Illinois Green Career Programs

September 28, 2011

According to news releases put out recently by the journalistic staff of the Lake County Sun-Times, a major development has been made for the state of Illinois in the area of green careers and the cultivation of a workforce for burgeoning green industries: the United States Department of Labor has allocated a grant of nearly [...]

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United States, Canada-Based Green Business Interests Intersect

September 26, 2011

According to recent coverage by journalist Craig Pearson in The Windsor Star, a Canadian green energy company—more specifically, a recently developed CS Wind plant located in Windsor, Ontario—is gaining a foothold in Ontario by a commitment from a wind energy company looking to expand its own presence into the region. Pearson writes that a recent [...]

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In Wyoming, Educational Green Jobs Training Program Emerges

September 19, 2011

New reportage issued by journalist Kristy Hessman over at EarthTechling indicates that Casper College, an educational institution based in its namesake city in Wyoming, now offers several programs which allow local residents and students to take advantage of the accumulating innovations in green energy technologies. In particular, the programs at Casper College focus mainly on [...]

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New Study Sheds Light on State of Green Jobs in Indiana

August 30, 2011

The state of Indiana is making significant headway in establishing its status as a state with a large portion of green jobs or otherwise environmentally friendly occupations, numerous journalistic publications are reporting. Zach Ammerman, writing for the Indiana Daily Student, explicates the impact of the newly-released figures—the product of a study by the Indiana Department [...]

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More Wind Power Headed for Maine

August 17, 2011

Last week, the Green Jobs Ready blog featured coverage of a New York school district making headway in the area of alternative energy innovation by utilizing wind energy as a source of power. As it turns out, they’re not the only ones who have realized the potential of renewable resources to alleviate the expensive costs [...]

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India Expected to Nurture Even More Green Jobs

August 15, 2011

As India’s economy rapidly expands further to include many more companies and industries contained within the sectors of clean energy, alternative energy, and renewable resources such as wind and solar power, expect a grand total of approximately one million new green jobs created in that country over the period of the coming two years—at least, [...]

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School District Set to Provide Own Wind Power

August 12, 2011

According to recent journalistic coverage in the clean energy and green jobs related blog, the LaFargeville Central School District, located in New York, is set to install a wind turbine capable of producing clean wind energy in order to power the facilities employed in purposes for kindergarten through 12th grade education. Sponsored by the [...]

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Auto Industry: The Next Frontier of Green Jobs?

August 10, 2011

As the market for not only electric and clean-energy vehicles but more fuel-efficient vehicles in general grows, the demand for workers to produce parts for those vehicles increases correspondingly. It’s common sense, of course, but a new report recently issued by landmark conservation effort groups the National Wildlife Foundation and the Natural Resources Defense Council [...]

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