Gulf Rig Takes on Water off the Coast of Ghana

by Green Jobs Ready on July 7, 2011

An oil rig off the coast of Ghana began to take on water yesterday after beginning the process of moving to another location. As a result of the water Transocean Ltd., the rigs owner, evacuated 108 nonessential personnel in preparation for the worst. However, according to a spokesperson for the company the rig was not drilling at the time and there is no threat of oil spill.

The oil rig was currently being leased to the Italian oil company Eni, the name might sound familiar to those who read about foreign oil investments in Libya. Eni had major exploratory operations in Libya before the revolution. This current case could turn into a very big debacle for them, although many analysts say that this is unlikely, their stock has already dropped around 3% since the announcement of the companies sinking rig yesterday.

However, the owner of the rig is an even more high profile name. Transocean Ltd, as some might have already remembered, were the owners of the Gulf rig leased to BP that caused the worst oil spill in U.S. history just last year. They have still yet to be held accountable for their failure to maintain the rig and were able to pass most of the blame onto BP, who deserved much, in the press.

You may say these are two isolated events and that just because Transocean Ltd happened to be at both it does not prove anything. However, the current gulf rig taking on water off Ghana is the same rig that drilled the original hole off the coast of Louisiana. It was removed from the spot in the Gulf after being damaged in a hurricane. It was then replaced by another lease from Transocean Ltd., the one that experienced explosions last year.

What this proves is that these cases are connected and show the continual unaccountability and reckless behavior of oil companies and those they lease from. Unless we stop deep water drilling these events will become even more common because the money is good and the threat of punishment for screw ups in almost nothing.

Let’s stop environmental abuses and create Green Jobs!

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Gulf Rig Takes on Water off the Coast of Ghana – Green Jobs Ready | Green Jobs
July 7, 2011 at 8:36 am

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