More Blood in New Waters: BP Preparing To Poison the Waters Off Alaskan Coast

by Green Jobs Ready on June 28, 2010

Imagine the boats and reeds and waters of this image covered in crude oil. Not that hard to do, is it.

As I write this, the BP Deep Horizon Gulf oil spill and all the collateral damage and loss of life it has caused is still on-going. So somebody tell me why BP is being allowed to construct an artificial island off the coast of Alaska in order to sink another deep sea oil well?

Get this:

  • They are building an artificial island of gravel and they have the chutzpah to call it “Liberty.”
  • The island is solely intended to let them register the planned oil well as an onshore rig.
  • The well they are planning to install will push the limits of drilling technology “beyond its proven limits”
  • They will circumvent the restrictions against deep water drilling by means of this untested technology and by drilling down 2 miles through the “island” and then drilling sideways out into the sea for another six or eight miles!

So the oil giant, having befouled the warm waters of the Gulf coast will now go and put the pristine waters of the Arctic at risk of the same kind of toxic catastrophe.

Why not just wait a bit? The poisons from the millions of gallons of deadly crude oil spilled into the gulf by BP, to say nothing of the deadly “dispersant” chemicals sprayed on it, will eventually make its way into Arctic waters along with the rest of the eco-system. No need to drill a new well for that.

If the risks pushing the technology aren’t enough, what about the fact that a deep sea oil well has never been subjected to the icy waters of the Arctic ocean? How will it be affected by multi-digit subzero temperatures and the temperature variations?

“As the most powerful “land-based” oil rig ever built, Liberty requires special pipe to withstand the 105,000 foot-pounds of torque — the equivalent of 50 Mack truck engines — needed to turn the drill. ‘This is about as sexy as it gets,’ a top BP official boasted to reporters in 2008. BP, a repeat felon subject to record fines for its willful safety violations, calls the project “one of its biggest challenges to date” — an engineering task made even more dangerous by plans to operate year-round in what the company itself admits is ‘some of the harshest weather on Earth.’”

Sexy. Right.

The depth of BP’s indifference to the potential risks is staggering.

These people cannot be that stupid and greedy, surely. And yet, somehow, they are.

The sheer audacity of these people to continue going about their business as they befoul the world’s oceans is beyond disgusting, and those that stand by and permit these obscene assaults to continue are equally at fault.

Ken Salazar and President Obama, to be specific.

Now, no one has been more vocal in his or her support of the President and his administration than I have. No one wants more to believe in the innate goodness and wisdom of this President, in particular, and of people in general.

But, Mr. President, you cannot have it both ways. You can’t, on the one hand, promise to make sure that a disaster of the BP Gulf oil spill’s proportions is never allowed to happen again, and then turn around and permit the same company to do exactly the same thing, in new waters, that led to the poisoning of the Gulf.

Why is BP, a corporation AND “a repeat felon subject to record fines for its willful safety violations,” allowed to pursue its profit margin at any cost, including endangering the environment and the lives of every living being on this planet?

Why is BP allowed to continue to operate at all?

If this “repeat felon” were a drunk driver who had killed or injured someone, would he or she be slapped on the wrist and then handed the car keys and a map to the liquor store?

Seriously. I really want to know why a corporation and its interests are placed above the law and the lives of the people. In what reality is elevating a business to a more-important-than-human-life status a good thing?

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