Proposition 23 Finds Disfavor Among Californians as Nation Watches

by Green Jobs Ready on November 3, 2010

As the results of Tuesday’s midterm elections conclude, and voters across the nation cast their ballot for a variety of local and statewide measures and propositions with the capacity to affect them, particular attention has been devoted to the results of California’s Proposition 23, a highly controversial proposition largely funded by out-of-state oil corporations with the intent to suspend AB 32, a measure which required for California to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 to levels that were present in 1990. Proposition 23 was widely criticized by environmental leaders as well as current the Governor of the State of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

An article published in The Bay Citizen, a reporting outlet based out of San Francisco, stated that even with 93 percent of electoral precincts reporting, statistics and data demonstrated that a majority of Californians had chosen to cast their ballots against Proposition 23. As of this morning, Proposition 23 was in a losing position, garnering only a 39 percent rate of approval among voters. As well, a notable 4.2 million votes were counted as cast against it, which is 400,000 more votes than Jerry Brown received to be elected again as the Governor of California, The Bay Citizen reports.

In many respects, California, along with other outlets along the West Coast, leads the rest of the nation in environmental achievement standards. Both the San Francisco bay area and the Los Angeles basin contain many of the nation’s most promising, powerful, and lucrative startups and industries in renewable energy sources, alternative energy technology, and green job production.

According to reporter Daniel Weintraub of HealthyCal as his article appeared in The Bay Citizen, the failure of Proposition 23 reflects the state’s commitment to greenhouse gas emission laws and a dedication to upholding environmental standards.

“The state is gearing up to position itself as the center of the new green economy, the hotbed of research, design and development of alternative energy ideas, energy conservation, recycling, electric vehicles, and every other environment-friendly concept you can imagine,” Weintraub wrote.

Despite its failure by a wide margin, Proposition 23 still found its share of supporters. In a similarly controversial op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, T.J. Rodgers, the Chief Executive Officer of Cypress Semiconductor, asserted that not passing Proposition 23 would ultimately destroy jobs, not create them, and that Californians’ support of the proposition’s defeat in hopes of more green jobs was essentially misguided.

To read Daniel Weintraub’s coverage of Proposition 23′s failure as printed in The Bay Citizen, please visit:

To read the editorial by T.J. Rodgers which appeared in the Wall Street Journal, please visit:

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