Thousands of Green Jobs Could Be Created in Cleanup of Chesapeake Bay

by Green Jobs Ready on November 29, 2010

According to a recently issued report from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation which was then reported on by the website, the institution of several measures to produce larger quantities of clean water for the citizens of Pennsylvania would also introduce a variety of tangible economic and health benefits, including the potential creation of thousands of green jobs.

The article on the release of the report cited as an example the roughly two million individuals who participate in fishing as a pastime in the state of Pennsylvania on an annual basis—a portion of the population that contributes over $1.6 billion to the overall economy through their fishing related purchases and activities in pursuit of such fish as the smallmouth bass and brook trout.

However, the article continues, numerous water quality problems facing bodies of water and water circulation in the state of Pennsylvania have resulted in a significant decline in the population of the smallmouth bass, in turn affecting the vitals of the fishing industry and culture of the area. In response to this discovery, the article stated that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission “recently passed a proposal that will mandate the catch-and-release of smallmouth bass in certain areas of the Susquehanna River,” one of the state’s most popular fishing spots.

“Studies show that people equate things like clean water, clean air, and open spaces with a healthy community, and thus a robust economy,” the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Pennsylvania Executive Director, Matt Ehrhart, is quoted by as saying.

According to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s report and estimations conducted by the state of Pennsylvania, proactive efforts on behalf of the state to quell many of these issues would not only produce numerous green jobs, but permanent positions that will help bring about the revival of local economies alongside the environmental preservation of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s website claims its vision as follows: “that the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers, broadly recognized as a national treasure, will be highly productive and in good health as measured by established water quality standards. The result will be clear water, free of impacts from toxic contaminants, and with healthy oxygen levels. Natural filters on both the land and in the water will provide resilience to the entire Chesapeake Bay system and serve as valuable habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic life.”

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