Number of Green Jobs Rising, Says National Energy Foundation

by Green Jobs Ready on March 10, 2011

According to and other news outlets covering the latest doings of the renewable and alternative energy industries, Ian Byrne, the deputy director of the National Energy Foundation, has echoed numerous other studies, predictions, and experts by forecasting a rapid increase in the number of green jobs available.

Except in Byrne’s case, it’s not simply the number of green jobs that are growing, but the number of jobs with a “green element,” implying that as we move into the future, more and more traditional and conventional occupations will begin to incorporate aspects and facets of green technology—a good sign for both the green industries, which will flourish from this association, and for traditional industries, who will find that utilizing green energy technologies will save them money in the long run while simultaneously benefiting the local environment and the overall health of the planet.

“As environmental issues—especially measures to move to improve the take up of sustainable energy—become more mainstream, many jobs not previously though of as being ‘green’, such as plumbers, electricians and builders, are increasingly requiring more environmental skills,” Byrne is quoted by as saying.

“Plumbers and heating engineers need to understand solar water heating, biomass such as wood pellets and ground source heat pumps systems,” he explained. “Builders have to learn about new ways of insulating properties and how to control ventilation in a manner that prevents both heat losses and condensation.”

According to, Byrne’s comments were issued alongside energy secretary Chris Huhne’s announcement of plans to train apprentices in implementing energy-saving, and green technology, in consumer homes.

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