Asheville, North Carolina Locals Eye Green Jobs Potential

by Green Jobs Ready on March 8, 2011

A recent article by journalist Nanci Bompey in The Asheville Citizen details attempts–both currently and planned for the future–to transform Asheville, North Carolina, into a bustling hub for numerous sectors of green industry that will hopefully produce a vast array of green jobs for both entry level and professionally educated workers.

According to Bompey, several businesses and other institutions local to Asheville have partnered with government leaders to express their collective desire to “transform Western North Carolina’s economy and make the region a hub for clean-energy investment.”

This week, a new project was debuted in the Asheville area that aims to examine the locale’s current green economy and potential for expansion with regard to renewable energy industries. Land-of-Sky Regional Council–in addition to the Advantage-West Economic Development Group and the five westernmost regional councils of government, Bompey writes–will also look for ways that various entities and establishments can cultivate the growth of permanent, lasting green jobs and entice top talent in the energy efficiency industry to the area through various measures. The group was also the recipient of hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Appalachian Regional  Commission, and the North Carolina Rural Center.

Currently, 1,000 businesses in Western North Carolina identify themselves as green, according to Bompey.

“Clean energy is an emerging market, there is no question about that,” Patrick Harper, regional clean-energy planner at Land-of-Sky, is quoted by Bompey as saying. “There is no reason WNC shouldn’t position ourselves to capitalize on it.”

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