Spotlighting Industries With Increasing Green Job Growth

by Green Jobs Ready on August 17, 2010

Last December, the nonprofit organization American Solar Energy Society (ASES) released a report projecting that by 2030 up to 4.5 million new jobs may be created in the U.S. thanks to the rapidly-evolving renewable energy and green job sectors.

In their report, titled Estimating the Jobs Impact of Tackling Climate Change, the 56-year-old group says: “renewable energy and energy efficiency deployment costs would be revenue neutral or better as costs to implement the technologies are offset by savings from lower energy bills, making total net costs near zero.”

So which industries have the most in-demand and potentially long-term money and resource-saving renewable energy jobs? Here are some highlights of green collar jobs with great growth potential:


Clean water for drinking, hygiene and numerous other daily purposes is an increasingly valuable resource both in the U.S. and around the world. Many American companies specializing in water collection, purification and distribution are also increasing the number and variety of roles for specially trained employees. Workers skilled in the engineering, construction and repair of water treatment, filtration, collection and transportation systems may find opportunities at a growing number of U.S. organizations. Sites like and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics offer detailed information on employment in this expanding green field.


Solar photovoltaics, or solar PV, is fast-becoming one of the most popular renewable energy sources in the U.S. and several other countries. Based on the process of converting solar radiation into electricity via electromagnetic semiconductors, commonly known as solar panels, the solar PV field requires skilled professionals to conduct installations and maintain existing systems. Organizations like offer training for new and experienced professionals who are looking to develop their skills in the evolving solar power industry.

Wind Power

Wind-generated power is another example of an established green industry currently expanding its nationwide workforce. As states like Texas, Iowa, California, Minnesota and Washington continue to broaden their production and use of wind power, the need for highly-trained professionals who can manufacture, install and maintain essential wind power components like turbines will continue to grow. Recent announcements of large companies like Google and utilities like The Hawaii Public Utility Commission signing long-term agreements to purchase renewable wind power offer a glimpse of the exciting growth potential of this natural energy source.

For additional information on green jobs in water, solar and wind sectors, please visit:

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