Study Shows Major Increase In California Green Jobs

by Green Jobs Ready on October 8, 2010

According to a paper released Wednesday by the Mountain View-based Collaborative Economics Inc. and Palo Alto-based nonprofit organization Next 10 revealed that the percentage of green manufacturing jobs in California has increased by 19 percent from 1995 to 2008.

To put this growth in perspective, the firms, working in partnership, noted that general manufacturing jobs in California had fallen approximately 9 percent during the same time frame that green manufacturing jobs experienced tremendous growth. As well, factory job positions held in the regions covered by the study also decreased about 20.9 percent.

With the solar industry and renewable energy companies taking root in California and Silicon Valley, many are predicting that the green manufacturing industry will soon be a significant player and agent in the economic landscape of the state.

Besides noting the swelling of green manufacturing jobs, Next 10 and Collaborative Economics Inc. also observed the relatively quick rise of patent designations and venture capital investments in green industry in general, regarded as ways to measure the vitality of a particular sector. The Sacramento Bee reports that from 2007 to 2009 California led the nation with the highest number of green technology patents with over 450 registrations filed for a variety of environmentally-friendly inventions and innovations.

The report identifies the San Francisco Bay Area and the greater Los Angeles area as green manufacturing centers, and estimates that the green manufacturing industry provides approximately 10,000 respective green jobs to each area.

In particular, the San Francisco Bay Area saw the most growth, with a 55 percent increase in green jobs from 1995 to 2008, though Orange County came in a close second with a 54 percent increase. The general Sacramento area, including Sacramento Valley, also received notable gains in its green business and industries, with a 19.1 percent growth rate.

Although the general consensus and opinion has been that California’s economy has been in poor condition, like that of many other states, Next 10 and Collaborative Economics Inc. point out that more new businesses were established and opened from their studied 1995 to 2008 period. The firms also indicate through the study that the green industry has viability throughout the state, with observations and predictions of increased green business growth in various areas.

For more information about the growth of California’s green industry and jobs, please visit:

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