New Survey Says California Has the Largest Green Economy in the US ~ AB 32: Global Warming Solutions Act Lives Up to its Promise

by Green Jobs Ready on April 28, 2010

With the goal of establishing baselines of green employment and green business practices in California, a new study has surveyed 15,500 California employers to determine the actual number of green jobs in existence in the state.

According to the Employment Development Department (EDD), that number is nearly 500,000, based on the classification model by which jobs are categorized as green, a new model with a new and singularly appropriate acronym: GREEN.

GREEN stands for

  • Generating and restoring renewable energy
  • Recycling existing materials
  • Energy efficient product manufacturing, distribution, construction, installation and maintenance
  • Education, compliance and awareness
  • Natural and sustainable product manufacturing

The results of this groundbreaking study were published in an article today on, a website that hosts stock market investing forums and blogs, and publishes articles on investing, personal finance, and business news.

Obviously, green California is in the news!

“Thanks to groundbreaking measures such as California’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act, companies have been able to maintain and grow their green workforce during the recession, even in industries that have suffered nationally,” the article reads. Industries like manufacturing and construction ~ the top two green industries in California, according to the study.

Naturally, science and technology ranks right up there as well, but I’m still blown away by the idea that Manufacturing and Construction are topping the green charts!

Isn’t it delightful to know that two of the major industries so well positioned to generate pollution and waste are actually the top two industries in which California employers have opted to go green? Clearly, environmental responsibility and profitability are not, after all, mutually exclusive.

The study goes on to say that Southern California leads the state in the number of green jobs by region, with the San Francisco Bay Area coming in a close second with more than 130,000 green jobs. The balance of those (close to half a million) green jobs in California are spread throughout its other seven regions and over a number of different, sometimes region specific, industries.

Ultimately, California businesses are seeing solid economic benefits resulting from a strong state leadership on environmental policy. Equally important are the many citizens of California who have supported that leadership, standing ready to do what it takes to reverse the effects of environmental abuse and make the transition to the green economy. So you see, as it turns out, going green is not only good for the environment; it’s also good for business.

I have to say, it’s also good to see AB 32 getting its props at last. Fortunately for those special interest groups trying to block the implementation of AB 32, I’m not the kind of person who says “I told you so.” ;-)

See you on the green ~


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