President Barack Obama Promotes Clean Energy in Weekly Address

by Green Jobs Ready on October 2, 2010

President of the United States Barack Obama praised the clean energy industry and reaffirmed its importance in his weekly address from the White House today, October 2.

“Our future as a nation depends on making sure that the jobs and industries of the 21st century take root here in America,” President Obama said. “And there is perhaps no industry with more potential to create jobs now—and growth in the coming years—than clean energy.”

In his address, the President also mentioned the work of a company made possible by clean energy incentives his administration was responsible for launching.

BrightSource, a clean energy company located in the Mojave Desert in California, plans sometime in October to initiate the construction of what the President called “a revolutionary new type of solar power plant.”

“It’s going to put about a thousand people to work building a state-of-the-art facility,” President Obama said. “And when it’s complete, it will turn sunlight into the energy that will power up to 140,000 homes—the largest such plant in the world. Not in China. Not in India. But in California.”

President Obama’s remarks come in light of recent comments from conservatives proposing the reduction or elimination of incentives for organizations and companies specializing in promoting green energy. But the President doesn’t find such a philosophy beneficial given the current state of the economy.

“It doesn’t make sense for Americans who are looking for jobs. And it doesn’t make sense for our future,” the President said. “To go backwards and scrap these plans means handing the competitive edge to China and other nations. It means that we’ll grow even more dependent on foreign oil.  And, at a time of economic hardship, it means forgoing jobs we desperately need. In fact, shutting down just this one project would cost about a thousand jobs.”

According to coverage by the Associated Press of President Barack Obama’s address today, part of the House GOP’s recent statement, entitled “Pledge to America,” promotes a halt on spending from the stimulus bill signed into law in 2009, which includes a total of $90 billion dollars for projects associated with a wide variety of sectors within the green industry.

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