Military In Search of Solar Technology

by Green Jobs Ready on January 24, 2011

According to recent news coverage by journalist Adam Bosch with the Times Herald-Record, solar energy and development firms locate within the Hudson Valley area are currently flourishing due to various levels of newfound support from the United States military, which is apparently searching for new and innovative ways to utilize solar energy in their operations.

Bosch reports that the third annual Solar CEO Conference at SUNY New Paltz today made clear the military’s search for alternative and renewable sources of power. Like certain states covered by Green Jobs Ready in the past that have decided to set percentage goals for the attainment of their total generated power from a particular renewable energy source or combined renewable energy sources. In the case of the United States military, the Department of Defense, according to Bosch’s reporting, “has ordered all branches of the military to consume 25 percent of their energy from renewable sources by the year 2025.”

Kevin Geiss, an energy official and representative for the United States Air Force, commented on the importance of attaining, securing, and upholding the Department of Defense’s goal. “Achieving a firm, energy-secure posture is key to all the missions we have,” Bosch quotes Geiss as saying.

Bosch also explains the general contractor process in regard to energy policy within the United States military. “Military energy contracts can be hard to nab because they’re buried in layers of subcontracting,” Bosch writes. He goes on to detail that branches of the Department of Defense typically hand out main contracts go large corporations but offer opportunities for smaller, local companies to subcontract. Bosch reports that Prism Solar, a firm based out of Highland, was the recipient of a $3.6 million fund for research and development from the United States military to develop “lightweight, flexible solar ribbons.”

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