Green Collar Jobs

by Green Jobs Ready on January 26, 2010


One of the main concerns of current governments are to preserve the natural resources of the Earth, to reduce pollution and to inform people about the renewable sources of energy in order to build a safe future for the next generation. Therefore, it is no wonder that many successful people have decide to ditch their old jobs and become a part of this green movement. Green collar jobs are not only useful, but they bring the promise of a solid, successful career. I’ve seen lawyers becoming representatives and protectors of environmental companies, or architects who switched from building skylines to promoting environmentally conscious building practices. It doesn’t matter what you current job is; green collar jobs are becoming very attractive from many points of view. Let’s see the best three green collar jobs today:

  1. I. Environmental architects work in the domestic green building industry. In addition to their architecture degree, you have to follow a course to get ready for the LEED Accredited Professional Exam (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
  2. II. Wind/ turbine technician allows you to work in the renewable energy sector. Applicants must take a 1-2 year wind technology degree program at one of the community colleges around the country.
  3. III. Retrofitters in the automotive industry. There is a huge need of converting old vehicle systems to environmental standards. The bio fuel industry has many available positions, including technicians who have to replace traditional engines with flex-fuel / diesel engines.

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