Green jobs training for low-income residents in San Diego

by Green Jobs Ready on January 13, 2011

Recent coverage by Nathan Max, a reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune has indicated that an organization named Maximizing Access for the Advancement of our Communities is accepting a number of applicants from low-income backgrounds into a program lasting three months that will provide crucial job training for several sectors within the broader umbrella of green industry.

Currently, Max reports, the sought-after program sponsored by Maximizing Access for the Advancement of our Communities is in its fourth incarnation, having had three successful runs in the past—some even garnering up to four applicants for each spot that was available on the program’s roster, according to the Maximizing Access for the Advancement of our Communities Program Director Craig Frederickson.

In addition to the essential job skills provided by the program, the lucky applicants who are selected will receive an additional form of assistance from the organization by way of a $3,000 stipend. To assuage concerns about placement, Maximizing Access for the Advancement of Our Communities makes a great effort to ensure that everyone who applies for the program will be interviewed, and all must past a 50-question test that demonstrates their proficiency in high school level reading and mathematics skills.

The United States Department of Labor funds the program, Max notes. The program focuses primarily on three main areas of skill training: retrofit work, energy audits, and water management—all occupations for which there is and will be no dearth of available work as green industries continue to increase in size.

For more information about this program from Maximizing Access for the Advancement of our Communities, please visit:

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CA Jobs List January 18, 2011 at 5:08 pm

That’s great to hear. It’s good in general that these jobs are opening up in San Diego, but the fact that they try to hire people that really need a break in life. If you think about it, that might be one of the best ways to stimulate the economy because you are building renewable energy and moving someone up a social class at the same time. Great stuff.

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