In Wyoming, Educational Green Jobs Training Program Emerges

by Green Jobs Ready on September 19, 2011

New reportage issued by journalist Kristy Hessman over at EarthTechling indicates that Casper College, an educational institution based in its namesake city in Wyoming, now offers several programs which allow local residents and students to take advantage of the accumulating innovations in green energy technologies.

In particular, the programs at Casper College focus mainly on an often overlooked but highly important sector of environmental considerations and the green jobs industries: the mitigation of already-existing environmental hazards. To this end, Casper College is currently offering students the opportunity to study and obtain training in the area of Deconstruction & Materials Re-Use.

Students who choose to hone their skills in the Deconstruction & Materials Re-Use program, according to Hessman, will also have the opportunity to undergo combined training to become designated Lead Renovators (Lead RRPs). In addition to providing students with education in all of the technical aspects of these areas, the college also requires that each student be certified to work in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

Knowledgeable green jobs professionals working in the above areas are necessary to prevent the contamination of the environment and natural resources by lead, which exists in decades-old paint and other substances. When lead-based paint or other materials are removed, the potential for lead exposure often poses a risk to both people and nature. Certifications for the programs are subsidized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and include certification from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

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