California Governor to Voters: Uphold Measure To Regulate Emissions

by Green Jobs Ready on October 23, 2010

This Tuesday, State of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a statement asking California voters to overwhelmingly defeat the divisive Proposition 23 in the upcoming gubernatorial elections in November. Doing this, Governor Schwarzenegger said, would put more pressure on the federal government to create an entirely new national policy on energy, which would ideally address the increased need and desire for renewable and alternative energy sources alike.

According to Associated Press reporter Robin Hindery, Governor Schwarzenegger, who is a Republican, delivered his remarks at the annual breakfast of the Willie L. Brown Jr. Institute. “Now, there’s some Texan oil companies, they don’t like our environmental laws,” Governor Schwarzenegger said. “And so I want to ask all of you to do everything you can to make everyone vote ‘no’ on this proposition.”

Proposition 23, a provision on the ballot of the gubernatorial election in California, aims to recall measure AB32, which would take effect in 2012 to set strict regulations on greenhouse gas emissions for numerous industries. Proponents of the passage of Proposition 23, the opponents of AB32, have stated that they believe AB32 will cost California citizens potential jobs, as the state may lose industries as they leave it for other, less regulated areas, which would allow some businesses to preserve their current practice without having to spend money to refine it to a more environmentally friendly status.

Given that many states see the west coast, particularly California, as a leader in many green energy technologies, some major environmental advocacy groups have emerged in strong opposition to the passage of the measure, arguing that it reverses key progress which the state has already made toward clean energy. Notably, Microsoft pioneer and tycoon Bill Gates recently donated $700,000 to the campaign against the proposition.

“It’s very important that we push back, and it is important that we do it with a huge victory, a huge margin,” Robin Hindery reports Governor Schwarzenegger as saying on Tuesday. “Then we can go to Washington and say, ‘Let’s go and set a national energy policy.’”

Support for Proposition 23 has been mixed. In the week before Governor Schwarzenegger’s comments, the Los Angeles Times and the University of Southern California jointly released a poll which indicated roughly 40 percent of eligible voters favor the measure while 38 percent of voters expressed opposition. The other 22 percent unaccounted for have not yet decided their position on Proposition 23, the poll stated.

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