Air Quality Management Group Approves $5 Million for More Bay Area Electric Car Charging Stations

by Green Jobs Ready on August 24, 2010

The California Bay Area is set to receive $5 million for the development of additional electric vehicle charging stations, announced the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board—a state agency responsible for overseeing air quality in the nine counties surrounding San Francisco.

In a press release issued August 4, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board, or Air District Board, confirmed it will leverage its Spare the Air program funding to award up to $5 million in grants for initiatives aimed at increasing the amount of public and private electric vehicle chargers.

The agency’s Board of Directors voted to approve the $5 million project to help make electric car ownership more viable for greater numbers of Bay Area drivers.

In particular, the Air District hopes to increase the number of residential electric vehicle chargers to a total of about “3,000 home chargers at single family and multi-family dwellings.”

The Air District also aims to have 2,000 public chargers available on-site at Bay Area-employers and commercial parking areas. Installations of fifty “fast chargers” within “close proximity” to the region’s highways are also included in the group’s proposal.

The agency hopes greater availability of public-access charging stations will make it easier for owners of existing electric cars, like the current Toyota Prius and Honda Insight, to charge their vehicles conveniently while commuting to work or running errands. The proposed charging stations may also encourage more prospective car buyers to consider purchasing the upcoming all-electric LEAF from Nissan or the newly revealed plug-in hybrid Volt from Chevy.

Air District Executive Officer Jack P. Broadbent expressed his support of the emerging electric car sector, and the need to expand clean vehicle use through increased access to charging stations.

“The past several years have seen exciting progress in the development of electric vehicle technology. Creating a useful charging network will make it easier for Bay Area residents to Spare the Air everyday by going electric,” Broadbent said.

According to an Aug. 24 story by San Jose Mercury News reporter Paul Rogers, charging stations are planned for installation in apartment buildings, offices, homes and parking garages located as far north as Santa Rosa and south to San Jose.  The article also confirms the Air District’s emissions reduction program will offer a voucher to cover up to 25 percent of the 3,000 home charging stations.

For additional information on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board and the electric vehicle charging station program, please visit:

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