More News from Good Jobs, Green Jobs 2010 National Conference

by Green Jobs Ready on May 6, 2010

Deepwater Disaster Illustrates Need to Deep Six Oil-Based Energy

California Democrat and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told reporters Tuesday that the still uncontrolled spill resulting from the explosion of Transocean’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig should be taken into consideration, but should not be used as an excuse to delay the passing of a comprehensive energy reform bill.

The April 20th explosion of the Deepwater Horizon claimed the lives of 11 people who were on the rig and were later reported “missing and assumed dead,” and that’s just the beginning of the losses that are being and will be incurred by this environmental disaster.

The as yet uncontrolled spill, estimated to be pumping some 42,000 gallons of crude oil into the sea each day, throws into sharp relief the need for less dangerous, and less invasive, clean energy alternatives like wind and solar power.

“Images of last week’s explosion and the growing, uncontrolled spill made the bill’s road to approval much more difficult [because it includes continued off-shore drilling rights]. The threat it poses to wildlife and the economy has forced many wavering lawmakers to reconsider whether they support more offshore drilling,” says an Associated Press release today.

And well it should.

Fellow California Democrat, Rep. George Miller, unhappy with the offshore oil industry’s current emergency response system, feels even more strongly about the influence this recent disaster should have on the energy bill.

Miller spoke with some heat about the industry’s lack of any effectual emergency plan and called for a “critical reanalysis” of our ability to prevent and clean up future offshore oil disasters to be added to the energy bill.

Meanwhile, on the more positive side. The Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference also brought together over 100 businesses and conducted more than 100 workshops and panel discussions on green initiatives in other employment sectors.

Green Building ~ Architects Indispensable to America’s Green Future

Also in attendance at Good Jobs, Green Jobs 2010 was American Institute of Architects president George H. Miller, who stressed the importance of environmentally responsible design and construction of buildings to the green economy and increasing employment opportunities.

“Buildings and their construction [account] for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumed in this country,” said Miller, continuing to say that, if passed, certain bills “introduced this Congressional session . . . could help create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the design and construction industries-and go a long way toward curbing energy use.”

The Good Jobs, Green Jobs 2010 National Conference has drawn thousands of visitors over the past two days and ends this afternoon. It has apparently been about presenting what is possible, going forward toward a green future.

Let’s hope the Good Jobs, Green Jobs 2011 National Conference is, at least in part, about displaying the results of seeing some of those possibilities through to fruition.

See you on the green ~


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