Ikea Group Goes Green with Solar and Wind Energy

by Green Jobs Ready on July 29, 2011

In a recently announced move, one of the largest international retailers of furniture and other assorted décor items, Ikea Group, has reportedly made a recent purchase of a Scottish wind farm in addition to making plans to install nearly 40,000 solar panels on its retail facilities in the United Kingdom in an apparent effort to obtain more of its power from clean, green energy.

A Bloomberg news report by journalist Alex Morales has indicated that Ikea Group has recently set about making these changes. The wind farm the company purchased is located in Huntly, a part of northeast Scotland, and was previously the property of Good Energies Capital Inc., according to Steve Howard, the Chief Sustainability Officer of that company. The 12.3 megawatts provided by the wind farm will be enough to offset a total of nearly 30 percent of Ikea Group’s total electricity usage in the United Kingdom, Morales cites Howard as saying.

Additionally, the solar power panels installed on each of ten specified store locations will add another 2.1 megawatts to the mix—which culminates in the provision of 5 percent of the necessary power to run each shop, Howard reportedly said.

For more information on the Ikea Group’s utilization of clean energy resources in their shops, please visit: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-07-28/ikea-buys-scottish-wind-farm-plans-39-000-solar-panels-in-u-k-.html

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