San Diego Municipal Power Firm Strikes Deal For Wind Energy

by Green Jobs Ready on February 3, 2011

According to recent coverage by the news broadcast station KGTV San Diego, the local municipal utilities firm San Diego Gas & Electric announced today that it had reached the establishment of an agreement that indicates the San Diego Gas & Electric will acquire roughly one quarter of its total power from the future Imperial County windmill farm known as the Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility over the next 20 years.

The article states that the power generated by the Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility will be enough to produce electricity sufficient for 130,000 customers, and that the power will be transmitted from the Imperial County area to the greater San Diego locality through the Sunrise Powerlink transmission lines. The San Francisco energy firm Pattern Energy will construct the facility on 15,000 acres located west of the Southern California city of El Centro.

According to Jennifer Ramp, a representative of San Diego Gas & Electric, the firm is aiming to acquire another 400 megawatts of power generated through renewable resources to accompany the 600 megawatts it will have coming through the Sunrise Powerlink. “We’ve been working diligently to fill the Powerlink with renewable energy,” Ramp is quoted by KGTV San Diego as saying. Ramp has estimated that completion of the Sunrise Powerlink transmission line, which is to be created primarily for the purposes of the agreement, should be complete by the middle of 2012, and that the Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility is scheduled to be finished near the end of that year.

In addition, the agreement must also be approved by the California Public Utilities Commission before it goes into effect.

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