More Wind Power Headed for Maine

by Green Jobs Ready on August 17, 2011

Last week, the Green Jobs Ready blog featured coverage of a New York school district making headway in the area of alternative energy innovation by utilizing wind energy as a source of power. As it turns out, they’re not the only ones who have realized the potential of renewable resources to alleviate the expensive costs of traditional forms of energy in addition to helping restore and preserve the earth’s environment.

According to news coverage via alternative energy news agencies and outlets such as, the United States Department of Energy has recently completed the finalization procedures to approve a $102 million loan guarantee to enact the erection of a wind power project in the central Maine area—more specifically, the Record Hill wind project, which is cited by as having the capacity to produce 50.6 megawatts of wind power with “an eight mile transmission line and associated interconnection equipment near the town of Roxbury, Maine.”

The wind power facilities will be developed and managed by the wind power firm Wagner Wind Energy I and Independence Wind LLC, the latter which finds its home base in Maine, further cultivating the green jobs culture there and enabling individuals to work fruitfully in environmentally friendly industries.

United States Energy Secretary Steven Chu had some words of support for the project: “This innovative project creates jobs in Maine while boosting domestic wind generation in order to achieve the Administration’s goal of doubling clean energy produced in America by 2035,” he is quoted as saying. “Clean energy is a major driver of American competitiveness, and investments like these are essential to secure our position as global leader.”

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