Environmental Protection Agency Approves Ethanol Increase

by Green Jobs Ready on December 21, 2010

Reports issued today, such as an article issued in the Pratt Tribune, indicated that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has taken a significant step toward weaning the United States off its dependence on foreign oil sources for the majority of its transportation energy.

According to the Pratt Tribune’s coverage, the Environmental Protection Agency has issued a decision approving a raise of the “blend wall,” or amount of ethanol fuel relative to the total fuel consumption market, from E10 to E15 for vehicles made in 2007 or later, which means that the agency has essentially deemed 20 percent of the United States’s current population of passenger cars and light-duty trucks made in that time frame fit to run on ethanol.

“…While this is an important first step, there are many more steps we can take toward strengthening our national security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, creating jobs here in the United States and improving our environment,” Tom Buis, Chief Executive Officer of Growth Energy, is quoted as saying in the Pratt Tribune’s article.

“Extensive testing from government, industry and academia proves there is no reason to limit E15 to only 2007 and newer vehicles. We urge the EPA to quickly follow today’s announcement with the approval of E15 for all vehicles, so that the American people can choose a blend of fuel that is proven to be better for our economy, our security and our environment,” Buis continued.

The article also notes that the United States Department of Energy has concluded that for every billion gallons of American ethanol that is produced, 10,000 to 20,000 permanent green jobs—jobs impervious to outsourcing—are created.

The coverage in the Pratt Tribune notes that America currently holds the capability to manufacture up to 12 billion gallons of ethanol annually through over 170 plants at a variety of locations nationwide.

To read more about the changing future of ethanol and the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent decision, please visit: http://www.pratttribune.com/news/agriculture/x934174576/EPA-greenlights-ethanol-increase

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