Brookings Institution Examines State of American Green Economy: Part 2

by Green Jobs Ready on July 27, 2011

According to recent coverage by journalist Mark Clayton for the Christian Science Monitor, the “detailed statistics” provided by the Brookings Institution and the Battelle Technology Partnership are paving the way for more in-depth examination of the United States’s burgeoning green industries, including not only numerical analysis of the country’s growth in terms of jobs but also on the sector level, as well.

Today, Clayton reports, the information provided by the Brookings Institution and the Battelle Technoloy Partnership indicates that the number of green jobs held by Americans now outweighs the number of gas and oil-related jobs in those industries.  The “clean-economy sector” possesses a total of 2.7 million jobs in comparison to the 2.4 million jobs in the industries that provide a majority of the energy used by Americans today.

Additional information from the American Petroleum institute locates the number of “direct jobs” in oil and gas industries at around 2.1 million, and the studies have specified that the biosciences industry—a sizable portion of which is dedicated to green and alternative energy solutions, including the development of biofuels—currently supports 1.4 million jobs. All of these areas, however, continue to change and grow.

Of note in the Brookings Institution and Battelle Technology Partnership data is the fact that hundreds of thousands of “green jobs” exist in conservation and public mass transit, more so than the number of jobs provided by the wind and solar power industries combined.

Government-mandated green technologies, such as the 12,500 jobs created by the 2007 light bulb standards adopted then by Congress, have also contributed to the growth of both the green economy and the nation’s economy at large.

For more information, please read Clayton’s article at the Christian Science Monitor:

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