After a length of time that many commentators have called a slow period or a “bubble” for the wind energy industry and all of the green jobs it has created and continues to create, recent statistics published by the American Wind Energy Association seem to demonstrate marked increases in generating capacity for 2011.

More specifically, the new numbers paint a picture of an industry experiencing numerous and successful developments, including the rapid creation and construction of new facilities all across the country and world. According to the report issued by the American Wind Energy Association, which was picked up by the Wichita Business Times, the wind energy industry as defined by the association’s report “installed 1,204 megawatts of generating capacity in the third quarter of 2011,” a 79 percent uptick from the identical period last year, according to the Times.

Along with news of greatly increased industry expansion and development, the American Wind Energy Association’s report also mentions that the wind energy industry is currently busy with the construction of facilities with more than 8,400 megawatts of generating power in total.

Daniel McCoy, a reporter for the Wichita Business Times, notes that BP Wind Energy announced in early October that it would seek to build a wind farm on four counties in southern Kansas that would provide an output of 419 megawatts. He also noted that state governor Sam Brownback hopes to encourage the industry’s maximization of the wind potential native to the state’s geography.

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Obama Administration Announces New Developments in Solar Energy

by Green Jobs Ready on October 28, 2011

Recent developments in the state of the green jobs market and economy came on Thursday this week when the Obama administration made known further plans to cultivate growth in various sectors of the green economy, in particular for the furthering of efforts in the area of solar energy.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the International Business Times, and other publications, the Bureau of Land Management and the presidential administration aim to encourage the development of more than 20 million acres of the Mojave desert in southern California for use as a solar resource.

In keeping with the large scale effort to expand the range and scope of areas which have been targeted as fruitful for the development of solar energy facilities, 17 key zones have been indicated across six states in the western continental United States.

According to the Los Angeles Times, these zones are ripe for new green energy ventures that will provide more green jobs because of their lack of “major environmental or cultural conflicts.”

The publication also states that the Bureau of Land Management, which is largely responsible for the composition and proofreading of the announced plans to expand the green economy, has invested significantly in those processes. The LA Times cites Ken Salazar, U.S. Interior Secretary, as saying that the Bureau is attempting to expedite the process of solar energy development by directing firms to parcels of land that have already been environmentally certified.


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In keeping with the steady stream of recent reports indicating that green jobs training programs offering to educate students and the future alternative energy workforce in skills pertaining to green construction, solar energy, and wind energy, the New Mexico Business Weekly and the New Mexico Independent have both recently ran stories on brand new programs of this sort sprouting up at New Mexico institutions of higher learning.

According to both papers, several New Mexico community colleges will receive $2 million in grant money as part of the Obama administration’s program in conjunction with the United States Department of Labor to cultivate the training of workers in green jobs areas. More specifically, the funding falls under the State Energy Sector Partnership Program, or SESP, which is bracketed under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and is described by the New Mexico Independent as a “three year, six-million dollar bundle of funds.”

The three community colleges that will receive the grant money are Tucumcari’s Mesalands Community College, the Central New Mexico Community College, and the Santa Fe Community College. All three institutions will now receive the opportunity to develop curriculum and programs in areas ranging from the larger sectors mentioned previously—wind and solar energy—to research into biofuels and energy efficient practices.

According to the Independent, the state of New Mexico is one of the top states for green jobs, offering many in the solar energy industry. In recent years, several solar power firms have provided thousands of jobs across the state.

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Solar Panels on Municipal Buildings in New Bedford, MA

by Green Jobs Ready on October 21, 2011

According to recent news coverage released by a number of outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, and others, the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, has completed the beginning phase of its campaign to deck out municipal buildings, school establishments and related institutions with solar panels, providing them with renewable energy.

The plan represents a major step forward in the national scene of green development on the level of city government, as New Bedford leaders have recruited the New York City based energy firm Con Edison Solutions and Blue Wave Capital, located in Boston, to participate in a project that not only supports the solar energy industry, renewable energy in general, and provides more green jobs to the area, but which also provides the city with tangible financial returns:  if the project is successful and ends up providing the city with 10 megawatts of solar energy, New Bedford could save ten million dollars over the course of the next twenty years.

Current estimations set the completion date for the whole project sometime in 2013. Major headway and significant progress, however, have already been made. According to Con Edison CEO Jorge Lopez, the private firm is contributing two million dollars to the development and culmination of the project, which has been praised by U.S. Representative Barney Frank.

“This is a refutation of people who say, ‘Oh this alternative energy, this sustainable energy that’s somehow a dream’. No it’s a very real thing in a very real city,” Frank is quoted as saying.

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Boston Company, German Manufacturer Partner to Bring Wind Energy to Hawaii

October 19, 2011

According to journalist Joseph Baker writing for, an east coast wind energy provider is partnering with the westernmost state in the United States to spearhead and develop another wind energy project. First Wind, a wind energy firm based out of Boston, Massachusetts, is working with Siemens AG in order to complete the installment of [...]

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Green Construction Jobs Growing, Study Says

October 17, 2011

According to a recent study released by McGraw-Hill Construction as part of the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo located in Toronto, green construction and all of the subset industries it entails have reported a marked increase in the number of projects and employees who are working with materials and in contexts they consider green. The [...]

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Wind Energy Arrives in the Dominican Republic

October 12, 2011

Recent reportage conducted by Jose Santamarta for has indicated that the nation of the Dominican Republic has recently completed construction on a wind energy farm that will provide the country with 33 megawatts of wind power in total. The clean energy power, Santamarta reports, will come mainly from two dual wind energy facilities, referred [...]

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GE and Greenko Partner to Bring Wind Energy to India

October 10, 2011

While numerous efforts to establish various sources of green energy—including wind energy, solar power, and hybrid technologies—for use within municipal grids flourish in the United States, some of the major companies responsible for the provision of such green energy are expanding their efforts overseas, beyond the borders of the United States, as well. The Economic [...]

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More Solar Energy for Maryland

October 7, 2011

Recent news reports and press releases from such outlets as MarketWatch indicate that as of today, October 7, ostensibly one of the largest solar energy systems on the eastern seaboard of the United States has been completed. Constructed by the energy firm Perdue Incorporated, today Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and numerous other diplomats attended a [...]

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Redemption for BP? More Wind Farms Headed for Kansas

October 6, 2011

Recent announcements from various green job industry related websites indicate that the wind energy subsidiary of BP has made public its long term plans to construct a wind farm across 66,000 acres in Kansas, which will provide significant amounts of green energy to the surrounding areas. In doing so, BP states, 500 transitional green construction [...]

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